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Case studies

Help Link

Collation and Analysis

Help-Link has an annual heating and plumbing purchasing direct spend of circa £12 million per annum. John Forrester, Chief Operating Officer, approached TradeHelp because of our track record in driving down cost and improving performance of merchants and manufacturers.  The aim was to deliver greater benefits to the business and their customers through selecting products which delivered best value for money and performance.  In conjunction with Help-Link, TradeHelp undertook an analysis of the products being specified, the price point of these from suppliers and the purchase order process to site or collection.

Evaluation, Planning and Recommendation

Following the analysis TradeHelp identified significant opportunity to make savings in terms of best value in three key areas:

  • The price point of products purchased from manufacturers and merchants
  • The mix of products specified for customers
  • The purchase order process and review of charges against the purchase order

We recommended the following actions which TradeHelp would plan and execute together with Help-Link:

  • Renegotiate terms with key merchants and manufacturers of existing products purchased
  • Identify alternative products which offer best value for both the business and customers
  • Streamline the purchase order and invoice review process

Agreed Implementation

A joint project team was created and over a period of two months we met with merchants and manufacturers, combining our industry knowledge and expertise to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Significantly improved purchase prices from both merchants and manufacturers
  • Best value innovative products to be specified by the sales team at customer survey stage
  • An improved purchase order and charge review process


A thorough review process was implemented to measure the success of the project and a Monthly Tracker identified savings made on specific products to review against our targets.  The review process also identified missed opportunities including specification of products at sales stage, purchase order process and overcharges from the merchant partners.
The measure of success was based upon:

  • The level of overall savings that were achieved through the project – Achieved 7.4%
  • Implementation of the new purchase order and review processes in house – Achieved
  • The provision of best value innovative products to customers of Help-Link – Achieved

“Working with TradeHelp was the best procurement decision we have made in the past 2 years.  They are not only experts in their field but also very easy to work with.  They explain and deliver results in an understandable manner, making implementation relatively straightforward; further enabling Help-Link in improving our ‘cost of sales’ performance.  All of this has been delivered across a three month time frame.  I look forward to continuing this highly productive and very rewarding relationship in the future.”

John Forrester – Chief Operating Officer

Help-Link Website

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