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Zettle Card Reader 2

Get a Free Card Reader 2 (RRP £59 +VAT)

Free Card Reader 2

  • Get a Card Reader 2 for just £19 + vat* (usual RRP £59 excl VAT)

*Members of the TradeHelp Buying Group will also get £19 transferred back to their account (or £19+vat if not vat registered) from TradeHelp upon sign up.

Please note:

You must sign up through the link below, purchases not made through this link will not be refunded.

The link will time out so please ensure you do not click to open the link until you are in a position to complete the sign up and do not change devices during the process (ie. please do not open on your phone then go to complete the sign up on your laptop).

Please ensure you email your proof of purchase to so we are aware you have made the purchase and can transfer the refund back to you. We will also need to know the details of the bank you would like paying into (if we do not already have these details) and whether you are vat registered or not.

Zettle Card Reader 2

Card Payment Service

The new Zettle Reader accepts card and contactless payments 25% faster than other mobile card readers on the market. Let your customers tap, insert and swipe away, wherever and whenever.

With all-day battery life, lasting 30% longer than other mobile credit card readers on the market, and a stable Bluetooth connection, there are no cables and no hassle.

Accept credit card, debit card and American Express as well as Apple, Samsung and Google Pay. Zettle deposit the money you’ve earned within 1-2 business days, no matter which cards you process, so you can stop waiting weeks to receive your funds.