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Express Fuel Cards

Saving businesses an average of 10% on their
fuel spend per annum.

Xpress Fuels primary goal is to provide value to their customers by keeping fuel costs as low as possible. Through innovative fuel card and fuel delivery solutions, they empower clients to save an average of 10% on both diesel and petrol compared to pump prices*. 

  • Save up to 30ppl off pump prices**
  • Access over 6,000 sites in the UK
  • Save on Diesel and Unleaded with a fixed weekly pricing
  • No hidden charges
  • Consolidated HMRC approved invoicing
  • Dedicated account manager and online portal
  • Pin enabled transactions 

Fuel Cards and Bulk Deliveries

The bulk fuel delivery services are a cornerstone of Xpress Fuels business, offering customers the convenience of purchasing White Derv, Red Diesel, AdBlue, GTL, HVO and Lubricant’s in bulk. This streamlines fuel procurement processes, allows businesses to benefit from a competitive price and ensures they have a reliable supply to meet their needs. 

Xpress Fuels recognises the urgency of addressing climate change. As a part of their commitment to sustainability, they offer carbon offsetting options on all of their fuel cards and bulk purchases.  Customers have the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint, and, in recognition of their efforts, receive a monthly certificate outlining their contributions to environmental preservation.

*The “10% average saving per annum” is calculated based on a comparison between our fuel prices and the national average fuel price, using customer data collected from January 2022 to December 2022.
**The “save up to 30p per litre” statement is based on a comparison with our diesel price against UK standard petrol stations and may vary depending on the Petrol station(s) used, and pump price at the time of refuelling.