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5 Minutes Down the Local with Craig Neve, Motorcylce Racer

With his first race at the North West 200 just around the corner, Richie Martin from the Installer […]

5 minutes down the local | 6 years, 8 days ago

With his first race at the North West 200 just around the corner, Richie Martin from the Installer Show catches up with Craig Neve to find out a bit more about him and his story so far and Craig also answers our ‘5 minutes down the local’ questions.

Craig will be joining us at Installer Show in May along with the TradeHelp Supersport bike and an Isle of Man TT racing simulator, so make sure you come down to stand F54 and say ‘Hello’!

Craig Neve

Four celebrities in your favourite boozer – who would you invite?

This isn’t even a tough one, first would be Simon Pegg – he’s one of my favourite actors, such a dry sense of humour I’m sure we’d have a laugh. Next would be Mike Myers, another favourite actor (I would have to insist on him dressing as Austin powers though!), then Wayne Rooney – as a lifelong Man United fan I’ve always admired his determination and leadership, he’s definitely a winner! Last one has got to be Tyson Fury. I love his charisma and comedy value, I bet he could tell some stories over a jar or two! He’s straight talking and I like that.

What would you choose to drink?

Although I’m ultra professional and only consume water ;), if I had to choose an alcoholic drink, it would be a whiskey on ice. A nice bourbon with a slice of orange.

Which sport would you debate?

It would have to be boxing, hopefully Fury would have plenty of stories to tell. I’d like to listen to Wayne’s stories on football too – hopefully Mike and Simon would have some interest in either of those!

What would be playing on the jukebox?

I listen to a lot of different music, my favourite album is oasis’ last album, Time Flies.

Which book or film would you recommend?

I would definitely recommend Valentino Rossi’s autobiography, great to learn about what really went on behind the scenes, particularly during the Honda-Yamaha switch. I’d recommend my favourite films, Shaun of the dead and Austin powers – both great comedies!

What would you call your autobiography?

That is a great question… after a long think, I think would call it ‘100%’. This covers how I am, both on track and in working life. It’s also one of my most common sayings – 100%!

Something that people would be surprised to learn about you…

I played football at a high level when I was younger, almost had a professional career before a bad injury – hence my late start in motorcycle racing. A footballer would’ve been the more lucrative option I think!

How would you spend your ideal weekend?

Racing at Cadwell Park. Racing is obviously what I would do every weekend if I could, and Cadwell Park is my favourite place to do it! And it’s my local track.

What was your first paid job?

My first paid job from school was playing for Grimsby Town youth team, then following my injury, I became an apprentice electrician. I’m still working in the electrical industry throughout the week and any weekends I’m not racing, trying to fund my racing career.

The best piece of advice you have ever been given…

Don’t count every race, make every race count!

What is your biggest regret?

Not going to the TT sooner, because I feel my career would be a lot further on now if I had done.  It’s the best road race in the world, the atmosphere is unlike anywhere else – it’s the pinnacle of motor sport!

What would you most like to achieve over the next 12 months?

My primary aim for the next year is to crack the top ten at the TT – I feel my best chance is in the super sport class riding the Tradehelp bike, this is the class I’ve had my best results in previously. I believe I can join the 130 club with the likes of John Mcguiness and Michael Dunlop. Fingers crossed!

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