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Adey ProClub Service Plans

The quick and simple solution to your Service Plan administration, powered by TradeHelp.

Service Plans FAQ's

Why should I sign up to service plans through ADEY ProClub?
ADEY ProClub members get an exclusive 3 month free trial of the TradeHelp service plans platform. The software lets you simply and quickly set up pay-monthly service plans for your customers, to help give you guaranteed recurring income all through the year. You benefit from six pre-built service plans, tailored to help you upsell the great features of ADEY products.
How much is this service going to cost me?
After your 3 month free trial as an ADEY ProClub member, there is a monthly charge of £25+vat.
What if I decide not to subscribe?
After your 3 month trial, if you choose not to subscribe you will still be able to access the software and view any customers, service plans, direct debits and other documents you have already created. You will still be able to create and edit customers and appointments, but you will not be able to produce any new service plans unless you continue your full subscription.
Are there any hidden fees I need to know about?

There are no hidden fees but there are some small admin fees that are taken from each payment to cover the transaction cost. All fees are made visible in TradeHelp when you’re setting your pricing and creating your plans. This means you can see exactly what will land in your bank account every month up front.

Can I start selling service plans today?
If you already have a GoCardless account, just link it in your Settings by clicking through to GoCardless and logging in with your usual credentials. Once this is done, you’re good to go. If you are setting up a new GoCardless account, this can take anything from 3-10 working days, as GoCardless will need to review and verify your application. To do this, they may require additional documentation. Once approved by GoCardless you are ready to start signing up your customers to service plans.
Do ADEY or TradeHelp use my customer data?
No. ADEY do not see your customer data and TradeHelp only process this data securely for you within the software. Your customers remain yours and would never be contacted by either ADEY or TradeHelp.
What’s the difference between a service plan and a service and monitoring plan?

ProPlan+ service and monitoring plans are designed for properties with a MagnaClean Professional3 Sense® (Pro3) filter installed. Once installed on the system and connected, the Pro3 will alert you if there’s an unusual level of sludge build-up, so you can fix the problem before the heating system breaks down, giving homeowners some additional peace of mind.

ProPlan options are for properties without a smart filter for annual preventative maintenance without the year-round system health monitoring.

Do I have to follow the service plans available, or can I customise them to suit my business?
There are six suggested plans available to ADEY ProClub members, and you can set your own pricing for each plan and for each customer. You cannot amend the content of the plans or T&Cs, so please familiarise yourself with the detail of what is included to ensure you charge correctly. TradeHelp are happy to take on board any feedback you have to inform future improvements.
What if the property has large boilers or a large system?

We recommend you evaluate each property before you offer the owner a service plan. The items included in the plan might not be appropriate for the boiler or system, and you need to ensure that the price charged will cover the cost of work you would need to do to it.

The customer terms and conditions do clarify that they may only apply for a plan if they have one domestic gas boiler and their property has no more than 5 bedrooms. However, the software will automatically accept on your behalf the application of any customer you have invited to sign up to a plan, therefore you should always evaluate the property before emailing the plan to a customer.

Can I add in my own terms and conditions?
No, the terms and conditions can’t be edited. If you have any specific requests, TradeHelp will always consider including these in the standard terms in any updated release.

Do I have to manage direct debits myself?

No, the TradeHelp platform (with its links to GoCardless) manages it for you. All you need to do is register with GoCardless through the Settings section. Once your application is approved by GoCardless input your customer details and email the relevant plan to them. Your customer will then receive a digital contract and direct debit mandate to sign, and once completed, the money will be taken on the selected day of the month as per the signed agreement.
How do I get started?
Go into the Settings section of the main menu and first update your Company Information so that your contact details, company name and logo appear on your plans. Next Register with GoCardless in the Service Plans section of Settings. This is free of charge and ensures that payments for your plans come to your bank account. Finally, edit your Service Plan Settings with the prices you want to charge (these can be re-amended at any time). Then you are ready to input your customers and create your plans.
How does the registration process with GoCardless work?
When you click to Register with GoCardless there is a short form to complete to apply for your own GoCardless account (or, if you already have an account with GoCardless, you can simply login to link it). GoCardless will then request any further information which may be required, either to approve your application and/or to set up our account (e.g. you will need to verify your bank account for receiving payments). Once GoCardless confirm that your account is open, you will be able to create Service Plans. If GoCardless do not approve your application for any reason, you will be unable to utilise the integrated direct debit payments, but you can still use the software to create and send out plans to your customers – you will just need to independently arrange a separate form of payment.
Can I change the plan my customer is on, or alter their payment amount, after the plan has started?
You can amend the plan by cancelling the existing plan and emailing out a new plan. You can also amend the direct debit payment. The customer terms and conditions state that you are entitled to amend the plan cost after the first 12 months but also that the customer may cancel if they do not agree to the amendment.
What if someone stops paying before 12 months is up? Will I be out of pocket?

The T&Cs of the plan provide that the customer may cancel their plan at any point but that, if they cancel their plan prior to their next service, they will receive no refund (refunds only being payable if a customer cancels within the first 14 days of a plan and no work has been carried out under the plan at that time).

The T&Cs also provide that, if the customer cancels their plan within a 12 month period during which you have provided products/services under the plan, the cost of which hasn’t been covered by payments they have made, then you are entitled to bill them for the cost.
Where a customer is on a service only plan (Silver), the work being paid for is to be carried out at the end of the payment term, so no work will have been completed ahead of the 12 month annual service.

I don’t have time to add people into the system, can someone else do it?
You’re able to add and remove users from your account in the settings, so you can ask someone in your team to input your customer information on your behalf. TradeHelp can also bulk upload customer information if required – you just need to request an excel template from them if so.
I complete work for a landlord with multiple properties, can they sign-up to a service plan?
Yes, you can assign multiple service plans to one customer, so they can sign-up to a service plan per property to spread the cost of their maintenance.
If I need to complete a gas safety certificate for a rental property do I need to charge separately?
No, this can be added to any service plan as an extra, so you can offer a complete plan for your landlord customers. (Gas cookers, fires and cylinders can also be added as extras to any plan).
Can I do anything else with the software?
Yes, there are other tools included alongside the service plans. These are based on functionality available (using your same log-in details) in the free TradeHelp app, plus additional features designed to help you run your business.
If I have a query about my service plans, who do I contact?

The service plans package is built and run by TradeHelp, who are able to provide all the support you need to make the most of the platform. You can contact them on 01978 666887 or [email protected]. Their offices are open Monday-Friday, 8.30am-5pm.