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TradeHelp Buying Group Terms & Conditions

Free Buying Group Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in signing up to the free TradeHelp Buying Group.

Membership entitles you to access discounted business support services, discounted merchant prices and (where available) manufacturer cash back.

By registering you agree that, if you wish to take advantage of discounted merchant prices and manufacturer cash back, we will use your contact information (name, company name, address, telephone and email) to request from your Supplier/s (as selected or named by you when setting up or personalising your account) spend reports detailing the products and/or services purchased by your organisation from your Supplier/s, the volume purchased and the price at which these were purchased (the ‘Spend Reports’).

The first request from TradeHelp to your Supplier/s for a Spend Report shall relate to any and all purchases by your organisation from your Supplier/s during the 6 months prior to and including the date of your signature to this document, followed by requests for this Spend Report from your Supplier/s in respect of each month of your Buying Group membership going forwards. By signing below you are authorising your Supplier/s to provide the above information to TradeHelp for the purposes described below.

If we are unable to obtain a Spend Report from your Supplier/s, we will contact you for assistance in obtaining any further information required to facilitate this, or to ask you to scan across relevant invoices to us.

Whilst in our possession, other than uses for the purposes of the Buying Group as set out below, we will maintain the confidentiality of any Spend Reports and information or invoices provided by you (the ‘Data’) and we will not share the Data with any third parties without your express consent.

We will use the Data for four purposes:

1.  To make claims to our manufacturer and/or merchant (if applicable) partners for cash back based on your purchases of qualifying products. The list of qualifying products and the cash back or discounts available to you from such claims is subject to change at any time without notice; you may obtain an up to date list at any time by contacting [email protected]. Please note that the payment out by these partners of any such claims is entirely in the partner’s discretion, and may be disallowed or reduced by the partner by reason of any direct contractual arrangements between your organisation and the partner or any promotional offers in place at the time of your initial purchase. We cannot therefore guarantee the payment out of any given sums. We also cannot make any payment out to you unless we are first in funds from the partner. Please note that the administration of claims generally takes up to 3 months from claim to receipt of funds.

2. To configure your software account with your Data, to improve the accuracy of the prices and options displayed.

3. To apply for and provide you with a bespoke cash account number with any merchant as may be agreed with you, enabling you to access the discounted price list negotiated by TradeHelp for our Buying Group members. Credit accounts with discounted TradeHelp terms may also be applied for on request.

4. To price check the amounts charged to you, in order to verify that merchants are correctly applying the Buying Group terms.

Please note that we will not be able to claim cash back in respect of any products already subject to a merchant price promotion, merchant/manufacturer support or a pre-existing contractor rebate.

I understand and agree to the matters set out above and I am authorised to do so on behalf of my organisation.