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Navien Oil Boilers – Our product of the month

Find out more about the Navien LCB700 Combi, System and Regular boilers and benefit from manufacturer cash back […]

TradeHelp | 3 years, 5 months ago

Find out more about the Navien LCB700 Combi, System and Regular boilers and benefit from manufacturer cash back through the TradeHelp Buying Group.

Navien Blue Flame Oil Boilers

We are delighted to introduce Navien oil boilers as our product of the month.  Designing and manufacturing reliable, easy to install boilers for over 40 years, Navien are the 4th largest global boiler manufacturer.  They are the name behind the best selling boiler in the US and boast the world’s largest boiler manufacturing plant, with an annual capacity of 2 million units. Take a look around the factory HERE.

There will be more great offers coming from Navien too – so keep a look out for further updates!

Why Choose Navien LCB700 Blue Flame Oil Boilers?

Take a look at the video HERE!

  • Blue flame is set to replace yellow flame in oil boilers. Navien’s revolutionary blue flame technology guarantees superior efficiency and ultra-low NOx emissions.
  • Weighing only 67kg, the Navien LCB700 is lightweight, easy to handle and optimised for a simple, fast and cost-effective installation.
  • Class-leading flue lengths of up to 20 meters and an IPX5 rating mean that the Navien LCB700 can be installed almost anywhere in your property, with total siting flexibility.
  • The full text driven control panel gives you total control of heating and hot water temperatures. The display will even inform your Navien service engineer about how efficiently the unit is preforming.
  • The traditional stainless steel and brass construction means built-in reliability combined with the high efficiency for which Navien are famous.
  • The Navien LCB700 provides up to ERP A+ when used in conjunction with our Smart Plus control pack.
  • The Navien LCB700 also comes “opentherm” ready, meaning it allows instant access to the latest control technology with minimum disruption and reduced installation costs.
  • The Navien LCB700 Combi offers a built-in Intelligent Mode. This self-learning mode monitors DHW (Domestic how water) usage and prepares it according to the end-user’s typical usage routine. The unit continues to monitor and adjust as necessary.


Download the brochure [ Link to –]

Go to Navien [Link to]


How to claim your cash back

All members of the free TradeHelp Buying Group are eligible for cash back across the full Navien range – including oil and gas combi boilers.  We will make the claim on your behalf and upon receipt from Navien, we will pay the funds directly into your bank account. You do not need to purchase the boiler through TradeHelp, simply purchase from your merchant of choice on your own account.

If you buy through City Plumbing Supplies, Wolseley, Plumbase, James Hargreaves or Graham the Plumbers’ Merchant, you do not need to provide proof of purchase.  We receive monthly reports from these merchants and will log on your behalf.  If you purchase from any other merchant or supplier, please send proof of purchase to [email protected] or use the handy Document Upload tool in your TradeHelp app which you will find off the main menu.


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