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Why Installers Choose Kingspan Cylinders

Kingspan are a market leading manufacturer of hot water products for over 85-years. As a member of the free […]

Manufacturer Partners | 3 years, 3 months ago

Kingspan are a market leading manufacturer of hot water products for over 85-years.

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Why are Kingspan a first choice for installers and when should you use a cylinder?

Why Choose Kingspan?

With modern heating systems needing commissioning by competent installers, registered with a suitable accreditation body, and greater customer expectations, the role of the modern heating engineer has never been so important. Installers need to keep up-to-date with a wider range of products than ever before, and it’s never been more complex with so many variables to consider, selecting the right combination of products for a heating system can be challenging.

That’s why good installers are looking to work with a select range of reputable manufacturers, to help their business, navigate the range of solutions available and get the best products and service to support their business in meeting the needs of their customers.

Here are the key reasons why an installer would choose a Kingspan cylinder:

Premium brand
Enhances your reputation & provides your customers with peace of mind that they’re dealing with a reputable trade professional by using top brands.

Available next day*
For the convenience of you and your customers, so that you can provide them with the best service possible and win more work.

Superior Quality
Protects your reputation and reduces the risk of call back to a problem job, saving you both time, money and gaining potential future work.

Comprehensive Range
Gain maximum value by surpassing your customers expectations and providing them with the best product for their application.

Technical Support
Never be stuck again with help and advice on product selection, tricky installations or system diagnostics & problem solving.

* Available upon request, excludes weekends, bank holidays & Christmas shutdown, deliveries to GB mainland, charges may vary.

When to use a Cylinder

“Is this hot water system capable of meeting the demands it could face?”

That’s the crucial question you can ask yourself when working with your customers on adaptations, retrofits and extensions to their home. If the answer is “no”, it’s an opportunity for you to upgrade your customer to an unvented hot water cylinder.

Combi boilers can be just the job for smaller homes with only one bathroom, they’re often left lagging when using more than one hot water outlet at the same time.

If your customer is adding a bathroom, building an extension for a new utility room or a workshop with hot water, it could be time to consider adding an element of stored hot water to the system. It’s no good installing the most luxurious en-suite shower or beautiful new bathroom if your customer is left disappointed because the bath takes forever to fill or the shower becomes a trickle as soon as someone turns on the kitchen sink tap.

That’s where hot water cylinders are the best product for the job. Whether it’s in a home with one bathroom and an en-suite, or in a multiple-occupancy home with four or five bathrooms, they can handle hot water being used simultaneously in multiple places throughout the home.

For more information on Kingspan Cylinders and support visit their website.

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