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Introducing Honeywell Home heat, smoke and CO alarms by Resideo

Make the home a safer space Heat, smoke and CO alarms Many dangers in the house are hard […]

TradeHelp | 1 year, 1 month ago

Make the home a safer space

Heat, smoke and CO alarms

Many dangers in the house are hard to detect before it’s too late. Domestic fires and carbon monoxide poisoning are amongst them. Installing an appropriate alarm, in the right place, could save your customers’ lives.

The new range of heat, smoke and CO alarms are designed for all types of home, including leisure accommodation, guest houses and caravans.

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One-Go-All-Go technology

The alarms offer even more protection when they work together. The range of interconnected alarms can be wirelessly linked to each other, so when one alarm goes off, they all go, maximising the alert in the event of an activation.

  • No need for optional wireless module, as all alarms have modules built in
  • Easy to create a connected home (up to 12 alarms interconnected)
  • High-reliability alarm system for customers who look for advanced safety features
  • Ideal for houses, apartments, and caravans where several alarms are needed

Make the home a safer place

Honeywell Home heat, smoke and CO alarms give your customers peace of mind over their safety, and confidence the products will protect them from the dangers they can’t see.
Resideo brings over 130 years of heritage in engineering together with the latest smart technology.

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