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TradeHelp Service Plans

The quick and simple solution to your Service Plan administration.

Your Guide to Getting Started

So you’ve signed up to TradeHelp, what do you need to do next?
Here’s the simple steps you need to take to get you from new account to signing your first customer up to their service plan.

Configure your account

First, you need to make sure your account is ready to go. Here you’ll sort your direct debits, assign your prices and make sure all your company information is correct for your customers’ paperwork.

1.  Select Settings from the Main Menu

2.  Update your Company Information – this appears on all your paperwork, so make sure it’s correct now

3.  Confirm your plan pricing in Service Plan Settings – Use the pre-determined ProPlan descriptions to make sure you’re pricing it right for your business. We’ve put some suggested pricing in this section, but it’s totally up to you what you charge. If you are VAT registered, remember to include VAT in your prices

4.  Register with GoCardless – free of charge (this is how you’ll be taking your customers’ payments – if you already have a GoCardless account you can just link it; setting up a new one can take up to 7-10 days)

5.  Save

Add a customer to your account

You need to follow this step to then be able to sign them up to a service plan, or use the many tools within TradeHelp Office to manage your relationship with that customer.

 1.  Select Customers from the main menu, and New Customer OR select the Create Customer shortcut from the Home Page

2.  Complete the customer information and Save – this customer has now been added to your account and can be assigned a service plan if and when required

Please note,  if you need any assistance loading multiple customers into your account, TradeHelp can provide an Excel template, which we will then upload for you.

Signing a customer up to a Service Plan

Once a customer has expressed an interest in your service plans, you need to add it to their record in TradeHelp Office. This will trigger all the paperwork needed to complete the agreement between you and your customer.

1.  Select Service Plans from the main menu

2.  Choose New Plan and then select Create Plan against your chosen customer

3.  Highlight the Plan you wish to offer and any Add-Ons you wish to provide 

4.  Set the Plan Start Date and Create Plan to proceed to the next page

5.  Check the details are correct, then select Email Plan to send to your customer

What your customer needs to do

1.  Your customer will receive an email, inviting them to apply for their ProPlan via a link. Within the link they can view and sign their Plan, then set up their Direct Debit in a few easy clicks.

2.  Once completed you will be informed by email, and the customer agreement will be saved in your Service Plan and Customer records. A copy is emailed to the customer automatically.

And that’s it! Now it’s just about fulfilling the agreed works in the ProPlan. You’ll receive the direct debit payment into your account every month, and can review customer and plan details in the customer tab within Tradehelp Office.

If you’ve got any questions about this process, check out our FAQs page here, or get in touch with us on 01978 666 887.

Want help talking to customers about service plans?

As an ADEY ProClub® member, you have access to some exclusive resources that will help you let your customers know you’re now offering service plans. You can access them here.